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Fiddle In a Tree

Front cover of the CD Fiddle in a Tree


Fiddle in a Tree is a collection of instrumental tunes that explores many evocative moods and styles - from the strutting, bluesy "Lobster Stroll," to the powerful, Dawgish "Dark and Stormy," to the serene, jazzy "Blue Heron." And there are three lovely waltzes! Julian Smedley perfectly captures the melodies and then improvises on them within the mood of each piece. Chuck, Topher, David, and Louisa add their own signatures to the tunes as well, with fine solos and thoughtful accompaniment. It's an enjoyable listen: alternately toe-tapping, quirky, sweet, and funky.



All tunes were written by Topher Gayle, except "Homesick for the Westland."

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  1. Lemons and LimesScore >
  2. Lobster StrollScore >
  3. Fiddle in a Tree Score >
  4. Dark and StormyScore >
  5. Big Smiles by the Barn Score >
  6. Shopping - PassimScore >
  7. Blue Heron Score >
  8. Homesick for the Westland Score >
  9. Walking Up Lake St. Score >
  10. Wind Rider Score >
  11. Empress of Blandings Score >
  12. Rusty Bucket Score >


Topher Gayle: guitar, mandolin, mandola, Mandonatorâ„¢
Julian Smedley: violin, viola
Chuck Ervin: bass
David Lange: accordion
Louisa Knabe: bass